New York DWI Attorney

Being charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York can be a scary situation. New York’s DWI laws are tough, and if convicted of drunk driving, you may face consequences such as jail time, probation, increased insurance rates, and driver’s license suspension. Fighting a DWI charge can be difficult, and the stakes for a conviction are high; therefore, you need to hire a skilled New York DWI attorney to assist you with your case.

Why should you go to an attorney who practices DWI law exclusively?

DWI law is an extremely complicated field; to make it worse, drunk-driving laws are changing all of the time. While a general trial attorney may be familiar with DWI laws, he or she may not have the scientific knowledge necessary to fight a DWI charge aggressively. New York DWI attorneys study the science behind the breathalyzer test and attend continuing education events to keep up-to-date with current laws and defense strategies.

You may be wondering if you even need an attorney—maybe you will just plead guilty in order to put this behind you. You may even think that you will automatically be found guilty because you failed the field sobriety tests or the breathalyzer. This simply isn’t so. A skilled New York DWI attorney will carefully investigate your case to uncover evidence that can be used on your behalf and to determine if your constitutional rights were upheld during the arrest process.

The penalties for a New York DWI are severe and, in some cases, life altering. If convicted, you may be sentenced to jail time, probation, community service, fines, court costs, and a lengthy driver’s license suspension. You may also be ordered to attend mandatory alcohol education classes or seek treatment. In some cases, you may have to get an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. This device measures your breath before the car will start. Habitual offenders may face increased penalties.